Team Wellness

Flow+Tell designs workplace wellness programs to help teams reintegrate into the post-Covid hybrid remote and in-person work environment. 


If you would like to bring us into your place of work, please share our promo video and one-pager below with your HR and Wellness teams and schedule an initial consultation.

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On-Site Wellness Offerings

The Need 

A report by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans determined that most North American employers saved $1 to $3 in their overall health care costs for every dollar spent on an employee wellness program. These savings come from costs like workers’ compensation claims, improved retention and increased productivity. Yet alarmingly, most companies don't offer any wellness benefits or they feel they are 'checking the box' by offering one monthly yoga or meditation class that is often volunteer-run and that no one attends!

After building his career at companies like Google, Facebook and Deloitte, Founder Jonathan Stone realized an opportunity: to help companies and co-working spaces devise better, more comprehensive wellness programs that would drive lasting change for employees, develop more mindful leadership and enhance company culture. He has studied and learned how to implement the ways that mindfulness contributes to employee happiness, work-life balance and retention.

Some of Our Clients

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Our Approach

Flow+Tell consults with companies from start-up to Fortune 500 in addition to co-working spaces to design and implement customized, comprehensive wellness programs for their employees, including activities such as:  ​

The Flow+Tell Experience

Yoga, dining, curated conversation & live music

Mindfulness Workshops

Mindful meetings enhance team cohesion & productivity

Sound Meditations
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Immersive sound experience to relax and rejuvenate

On-site Massage & Acupuncture

Refuel and Revitalize with massage & ergonomic relief 


These experiences leverage mindfulness as the catalyst to enhance team cohesion and increase employee productivity.

To learn more about how Flow+Tell can help your organization, please e-mail us to schedule an initial consultation.