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Jonathan Stone

Jonathan Stone started what would become Flow+Tell by inviting a dozen friends to his NYC rooftop for an extended experience with live music savasana, followed by intimate dinner with themed conversation and artistic performances. Two years later, Flow+Tell has produced 100+ events and designed employee wellness programs for Google, LinkedIn Christie's and Pearson among others. 

Stone first discovered yoga and meditation during his time in business development at Google and Facebook when it helped him maintain a sense of calm and balance in his fast-paced, hectic career of airplanes and hotel rooms. He became a certified instructor in 2017 at the Yandara Yoga Institute.

As a musician and sound facilitator, Stone fuses elements of throat singing, handpan and percussion into his classes and performs regularly around NYC. He strives to bring the tools and methodologies he has cultivated over the last decade to help others discover yoga's lifelong physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. 

Michael Hewett is a musician of 35+ years and Yogi of 25+ years. He has over 2,000 hours of Yoga trainings in Tibetan Buddhist Sutra and Tantra, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, ISHTA and Shamatha (mind training) and has completed 4, 30-day solitary Tantric retreats.

His classes, workshops and retreats weave together dharma, asana, meditation, and live music to guide participants along their paths with scholarship and artistry. He is the Founder and Director of Vessel Academy and has led countless yoga and meditation retreats amd guides people on their individual paths of growth and evolution.

As a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Hewett weaves soothing guitar melodies into his savasana experiences and believes music is an integral part of each experience to guide the spirit of healing, empowerment & epiphany.

Michael Hewett

After spending many years full-time in the corporate marketing world, Jenna Roth followed her heart to Bali to complete her 200-hour yoga teacher training program.  As a full-time instructor, she guides her students in exploring a shift; in perspective, the mind, the heart, and the physical body, so they leave feeling more inspired, aligned, balanced, and fulfilled.


Jenna's expertise comes from a decade in creative marketing and brand development, working with companies such as Meredith where she designed, developed, and executed large-scale custom integrated marketing programs for 30+ accounts across the Meredith Network involving digital, print, mobile, and experiential, for media campaigns.

Jenna's teaching methods on the mat are reflected in her leadership style in the workplace, serving as a guide, inspiration, and trusted resource to support her clients in a comprehensive way. 

Jenna Roth

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