Return to Source

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Welcome to Return to Source, October 29 - November 1, a partnership between The Dutchess and Flow+Tell, for a week of wellness programing including outdoor activities: yoga, immersive sound meditation, live music performance, talk led by The Dutchess Head Farmer, hiking trails, bonfire and more! The week’s theme will be centered around the theme of Return to Source, reconnecting man with nature.


The Dutchess will become our sanctuary for the week, featuring a comprehensive program from musicians and wellness instructors Jonathan Stone, Kéren-Or Tayar and Michael Hewett, who will offer:

  • Yoga with Live Music Savasana

  • Immersive Sound Meditations

  • Transporting Musical Performances

  • Cacao Ceremony

Your Co-Creators


Jonathan Stone - Creator of Flow+Tell, he has led wellness retreats to Puerto Escondido, MX and and Azores, Portugal and is passionate about creating transformational experiences that cultivate community and catalyze connection. As a musician, he loves infusing different styles into his classes like throat singing and handpan.

Kéren - Musician & Sound Practitioner, world-touring vocalist, composer, and energy intuitive, offering immersive, guided sonic and healing experiences that invoke expansive states of consciousness and self-discovery. She is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and holds certifications in healing modalities as well as a Reiki mastership. Kéren combines her musical and energetic gifts to curate environments of empowerment in exploration and expansive activation.

Michael Hewett - Creator of Vessel Academy, Michael has been teaching Yoga for 25+ years & a musician for 35+ years. His classes, workshops & retreats weave together dharma, asana, music & meditation to guide participants along their paths with humor, scholarship & artistry. A graduate of Berklee College of Music. His musical catalog is 7 albums deep across multiple genres & curates salons & musical performances as a part of the Vessel experience.

Covid Safety Guidelines: 

  • All registered guests will be asked to send negative Covid test results to within 48 hours of arrival. We recommend calling (718) 316-6800 that will come provide an at-home test and is free with insurance. 

  • Forehead temperature checks will be taken for all guests upon arrival to ensure no guests enter with a fever. 

  • Please practice social distancing throughout the entire event.

  • All guests understand and take personal responsibility for the risk they are taking in coming to an event during Covid. 

  • All guests agree to stay home if they are feeling unwell in the 48 hours leading up to the experience.